Magic: The Gathering Lead Designer Mark Rosewater Interviews The Most Popular MTG YouTuber

Last month, the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel interviewed Magic: The Gathering lead designer Mark Rosewater in a video to discuss the state of Magic in the time of pandemic (You can watch it below); Today, Rosewater is switching it up in his latest episode of his Drive to Work podcast in which he interviews Brian Lewis, a.k.a. The Professor of the Tolarian Community College, currently most popular MTG YouTuber based on subscribers.

In the podcast, Rosewater mostly asks The Professor about his background as an MTG content creator and YouTuber: how he started making videos while working as an English professor at a community college, why his YouTube channel is called Tolarian Community College, and when he started going fulltime as a YouTube. You can sense the Professor's passion for the game when he was asked about his disposition with Wizards of the Coast, saying that even though he doesn't always agree with the decision the company makes, he loves the creators of the game, WOTC. Check out the podcast in the link provided in the link above.

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