Magic: The Gathering Gets New Comic Book Series This November

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It's been a while but fans are getting a new Magic: The Gathering comic book series and it will be coming from ever-reliable publisher IDW. It's being released to celebrate the card game's 25th anniversary and will focus on Chandra Nalaar, so that should get the attention of fans. The series also has a good creative team in Supergirl writer Vita Ayala and veteran Marvel/DC artist Harvey Tolibao.

Announced by IGN, the series will simply be called Magic: The Gathering - Chandra and will be used as a gateway to get fans interested in the series' lore. Games like these can often be hard to get into, especially if they've been around as long as Magic has, so a clean entryway through comic books is a pretty smart decision.

(IDW Publishing)

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This heavily-touted "fresh start" for the series will not be connected to the MTG comic book that IDW put out four years ago. Simply put, if you're interested in the series but find the games a bit intimidating, this is the comic book for you. Series writer Ayala also mentioned being a big fan of the card game so fans of the franchise will probably enjoy this comic too.

"With this story, the team and I wanted very much to introduce people who may not be familiar with the game to the rich characters, worlds, and lore that have come from it, in an accessible way! There have been comics before, of course, but as many have said, every comic is someone's first comic, and to be able to entice people to check out something as amazing as the Magic: The Gathering universe while getting to tell a compelling story about a character as complex and interesting as Chandra is such a thrill!""

Only time will tell if the comic ends up being more popular than previous attempts at turning Magic into a comic book. We can only hope this is the comic that not only introduces this series to new players but also pleases longtime fans.

Magic: The Gathering - Chandra #1 comes out in November.

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