Magic: The Gathering Esports 2020-2021 Season Reveals Path to Zendikar Rising Championship

Today, Wizards of the Coast has revealed the outline for the future of Magic: The Gathering esports amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020-2021 Magic esports season is set to begin with the release of Zendikar Rising this fall. Wizards revealed the digital competitive splits and a Championship event for each upcoming set release.

Wizards said that the new season will be 100-percent digital with emphasis on MTG Arena gameplay until it's safe to add back competitive tabletop play. "Specifically, we've also structured the season to allow us the flexibility to add tabletop opportunities," Wizards expalined. "Only as it becomes safe to do so, we'll begin to add qualification paths starting with local game stores and building over time to larger regional events. Given the instability driven by the pandemic we don't know when we'll be able to offer these opportunities, but we share your desire for tabletop play."

Each new Magic set released will launch a three-month split that features Qualifier Weekend events and a Championship. In each set split, monthly ranked play leads to Qualifier Weekend tournaments, and at the end of each split is a Championship.

> Monthly Ranked Play on MTG Arena earns invitation to monthly Qualifier Weekends.
> Each monthly Qualifier Weekend is a two-day event in MTG Arena, using a best-of-three Constructed format for both days. Top-finishing players from each Qualifier Weekend are invited to the Zendikar Rising Championship.
> The Zendikar Rising Championship is the culmination of the Zendikar Rising Split, featuring a $250,000 prize pool with remote play on MTG Arena.
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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here's how you can compete for the Zendikar Rising Championship:

> All Magic Pro League and Magic Rivals League players.
> Players that earned 7 match wins on Day Two of the Zendikar Rising Qualifier Weekend.
> Players that win a Zendikar Rising Championship Magic Online Qualifier.
> Top 2 players from each Zendikar Rising Championship Magic Online Super Qualifier.
> The 8 players qualified for the Magic Online Champions Showcase (2020 Season 2).
> Players that earn 30 or more match points in the Players Tour Finals for the 2020 Partial Season.
> Players that earn 30 or more match points in the Mythic Invitational for the 2020 Partial Season.
> Players that finished with 30 match points or more in the previous Championship. (This begins with the Championship following the Zendikar Rising Championship.)
> Additional invitations for Championships may be added at Wizards of the Coast's discretion to support additional qualification paths, including those offered through third-party partners.
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Many players will surely miss competing in tabletop Magic events to qualify for major tournaments, but WotC is making the right decision to make the new season 100-percent digital for the safety of the community.

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