Magic: The Gathering DCI Numbers, Planeswalker Points & Grand Prix Byes Will Be Removed Soon

Wizards of the Coast has announced today the removal of Planeswalker Points and access to the Planeswalker Points website. Planeswalker Points are given to Magic: The Gathering players based on their performance and participation in sanctioned events, and is used to reward players with free byes; however, Wizards will be implementing a new system. "Adapting our technology to best serve a modern framework mean some software and services must change," Wizards stated.

After May 27, players will no longer be able to use their DCI number, and they will no longer be able to acquire Planeswalker Points and they will be unable to access the Planeswalker Points history information.

Players will be required to have a valid Wizards Account to participate in future in-store play and esports events, as well as other play opportunities. The Wizards Account works well with the Magic: The Gathering Companion app and the upcoming new event tool for local game stores. Those who play Magic: The Gathering Arena already have a Wizards Account. Wizards also said that some Magic esports events, including Grand Prix at MagicFests, will continue to use your DCI number through 2021.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Last December, Wizards announced that it will phase out Grand Prix byes for Magic events, so that means those free auto-wins in Grand Prix that players get for earning a certain amount of Planeswalker Points will be gone.

"Grand Prix byes were created for the Pro Tour when there were far fewer players playing competitive Magic," WotC explained. "We don't feel they are necessary with the new structure of the Players Tour, especially with systems like fractional invites filling a similar role. They also cause tournaments to require more rounds to be played and prevent us from exploring other structures for large events."

WotC's move to remove the old Planeswalker Points system is understandable. The Wizards Account and Companion app will simplify everything, and due to privacy laws, local game stores can no longer store local databases so each player will need to type the event into the app or give the organizer their Wizards Account email address.

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