16 Jul 2018 8:42 AM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Becomes A Victim of The U.S.-Canada Trade War

Image: Wizards of the Coast/ Illus. by Aleksi Briclot

It looks like Magic: The Gathering players in Canada will have to pay extra to buy trading cards. According to the CBC, Magic: The Gathering is now a part of the $12.6 billion in goods from the United States that are now subject to Canada's 10% tariff.

The United States and Canada have been entangled in a trade dispute with Canada since May 31, when the US imposed strict tariffs (or import taxes) on Canadian aluminum and steel. Canada also imposed the same tariffs on aluminum and steel while also taxing other kinds of consumer goods, including playing cards.


Of course, the list from Canada's Department of Finance doesn't specifically note Magic cards, but the cards are included under the heading of "playing cards" close to the bottom of the list. Apparently, Magic cards, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon Trading Card Game are put in the same category of tariffs as the traditional playing cards you use for poker or any casino card games.

The CBS points out that the decision to impose tariffs on playing cards is a tactical choice against United States' conservative leaders. It's meant to specifically target the United States Playing Card Company, which is located in Kentucky, the home state of Senator Mitch McConnell.

This means that Magic: The Gathering players will have to pay 10% more just because of the game's medium. Hopefully, the decision will be reversed soon. After all, the Canadians invented Magic's Highlander format that we love.

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