Magic: The Gathering Arena Will Replace 20 Cards From Jumpstart

Jumpstart, the supplmental Magic: The Gathering booster set, is coming digitally to Magic: The Gathering Arena, but don't expect all the cards featured to be the same as the tabletop version.

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Credit: WOTC

Today, Wizards of the Coast has announced that twenty of the cards in Jumpstart will be replaced with other cards on MTG Arena, and some of them will be new to the free-to-play digital game. Wizards will reveal more details about the cards that will replace them in the July State of the Game, but they already revealed three cards from the paper version that will not be appearing from MTG Arena: Exhume, Scourge of Nel Toth, and Reanimate.


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Scourge of Nel Toth

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Jumpstart is set to launch on July 17. Core Set 2021 is set to release on July 3 with Prerelease events scheduled from June 26 to July 2.

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