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Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile Japanese Commercial Features Planeswalkers, and It's Pretty Wild

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Magic: The Gathering Arena launched on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices last month, and while it's missing a few features that the PC version has, the free-to-play digital card mobile app has been receiving positive reviews (You can read our review here). Wizards of the Coast wants more people to know about it with commercials. Now, you can watch the Japanese commercial for MTG Arena mobile, and it's pretty wild.

Like many commercials in Japan, the video starts with a bored corporate worker daydreaming of Magic. He sees "MTG" when he looks at the clock, and he falls asleep standing up. Then his boss turns into a troll and you can see various MTG characters appear to inspire him to play more MTGArena at work. Planeswalkers like Jace, Chandra, and Teferi show up at his workplace. The whole video feels like a musical, and there's even English subtitles!

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This commercial is definitely more entertaining than the American commercial for MTG Arena mobile. This shows that the Japanese really have a creative vision for spectacle and passion for Magic.

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