Magic: Legends Planeswalker Bundle Announced, Now Available For Open Beta

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the Planeswalker Bundle for Magic: Legends, the upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game set in the Multiverse of the popular card game, Magic: The Gathering.

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Credit: Cryptic Studios

The Planeswalker Bundle is the first premium pack for Magic: Legends, and it offers players a collection of unique cosmetic content and exclusive items for your account. Here's what the Planeswalker Bundle includes:

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Credit: Perfect World/ Crytpic Studios
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Credit: Perfect World/ Cryptic Studios

Planeswalker Cosmetic Sets

Five sets themed after each of the five colors of mana:

White - Sanctifier - Armor of Serra
Blue - Mind Mage - Azorious Vestments
Black - Necromancer - Demonic Raiments
Red - Geomancer - Ghitu Garb
Green - Beastcaller - Zendikar Survivalist's Gear

All sets are available for use on any character

Alt skins for signature summon spells

‘Wrathful' Lightpiercer Angel
‘Tinkerer' Academy Wizard
‘Ashen' Volatile Thrull
‘Obsidian' Earth Elemental
‘Enormous' Jungle Baloth

Experimental Sentinel Summon Spell

Academy Sentinel Alt Skin (for the Experimental Sentinel summon)

Gilded Lotus Artifact

All of these items will be available when the Open Beta for Magic: Legends begins next month and will carry over once the game launches later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can purchase it now with a 50% package discount for $39.99 on the official Magic: Legends website.

When the items become available at the game's Open Beta, you can navigate to the in-game store and find the 'Classes & Packs' tab, where you can select the Planeswalker Bundle, and claim the items. The Sentinel and summon skins can be found in your library, and the costumes can be accessed via a tailor in any region. The Gilded Lotus will be available in your loadout when you unlock Artifacts via gameplay.

Be sure to check out our Magic: Legends Facebook group if you haven't yet.

Magic: Legends Open Beta will begin on March 23; for other details and how to sign up, click here.

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