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Madame Web Leak Reveals Sydney Sweeney’s Marvel Superhero Role

Credit: HBO

Sydney Sweeney's mystery Marvel role has reportedly been revealed. Ever since the announcement that the breakout star of HBO's Euphoria is joining Sony Pictures' Madame Web project, fans have begun speculating what role the 24-year-old actress will be playing in the studio's ever-expanding Spider-Verse.

Madame Web
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Credit: Marvel

Of course, considering it's a Spider-Man spinoff film potentially set outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some people quickly jumped to the conclusion that she could be playing characters ranging from Black Cat to Spider-Gwen.

Well, it turns out that Sweeney will be playing Julia Carpenter aka the second Spider-Woman. The confirmation comes from a scoop published by the good folks over at The Cosmic Circus. However, the specifics regarding her involvement were not disclosed.

The outlet also noted that while many believe lead star Dakota Johnson is playing the role (thanks to the set photos which saw her donning Carpenter's red jacket) that's not the actual case and it appears that Cassandra Web is just borrowing Julia's trademark look.

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As it stands, nothing has been made official so it's best to keep low expectations until the studio confirms it. But if Sydney does end up playing Spider-Woman, it would technically make her Sony's first superhero since the inception of their shared universe back in 2018. Obviously, Madame Web doesn't count because she's more of a guide than an actual superhero. Hopefully, we'll get more in-depth details about the film in the coming weeks or months.

Sony Pictures' Madame Web is slated for theatrical release on July 7, 2023.

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