MacKenzie Davis Thinks It’s ‘Insane’ to Ask for a New Terminator Film Right Now

James Cameron was ready to re-launch the Terminator franchise with Dark Fate, but the film was so poorly received last year that the world of Skynet is once again dead in the water. MacKenzie Davis, who was the Kyle Reese of the new movies, confirms that no sequel is in the works, and that anyone asking for another Terminator movie would be ‘insane.'

Talking to NME, Davis was asked about any plans for a sequel, to which she replies, "I really loved the movie and I'm so proud of what we did, but there wasn't a demand for it [at the box office] and to think that there'd be a demand for a seventh film is quite insane. You should just pay attention to what audiences want – and they want new things and I want new things."

Admittedly, Dark Fate was said to be a nightmare behind the scenes, and director Tim Miller was said to have constantly clashed with producer James Cameron. We don't know exactly what was cut from the film, but Miller was said to have wanted more of the emotional nuances kept, while Cameron wanted to stick to the more solid scenes.

As it stands, we have six Terminator films, but only two manage to be classified as "good." Personally, I thought Dark Fate was okay. I guess films just have to find a better way to do the reboot/sequel franchise move, because the Days of Future Past method just isn't working for Terminator 2 films in a row.

No Terminator film is currently in the works.

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