Luke Cage’s Mike Colter Facing Backlash Over His Insensitive Comment About The Ariana Grande Incident

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Luke Cage actor Mike Colter is currently under fire for his comments about singer Ariana Grande finding herself being groped by pastor Bishop Charles H. Ellis while attending the funeral of the legendary musician, Aretha Franklin.

Last weekend, Twitter blew up after Pastor Ellis III made what seemed to be a racist "Taco Bell" joke about Grande's name at Aretha Franklin's funeral. The singer was at the gathering to pay her respects and to perform one of the music icon's songs, but during the event, Grande found herself being made fun of by the pastor and being tucked to his side. Fans noticed during the televised interaction between the two that Ellis had also groped the side of Grande's chest during the funeral, and everyone online started calling out the pastor.

Colter, on the other hand, had a different response to the affair, making a sarcastic post in poor taste. Retweeting footage of Ellis groping Grande on Twitter, the Marvel TV star commented "Now THIS is how you shoot your shot! Zero FCKS!!"

Netizens were quick to criticize the actor for the insensitive Tweet, and according to Yahoo! Entertainment Colter has just recently apologized for the post, deleting it from his account.

"Hello, all. I apologize about my tweet earlier. In no way do I condone any such behavior. It was intended to point out the absurdity of the act itself. Complete and biting sarcasm," the actor reportedly explained in another post which has also has been taken down from his account.

Of course, while Colter meant to write sarcastically about the incident, the Luke Cage star's comment was definitely insensitive and a tad bit offensive. Thankfully, the actor has gone out of his way to admit his mistake and apologize for the post.

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