Luke Cage Twitter Account Hilariously Responds to Dabbing Criticism

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While the first season of Luke Cage wasn't bad at all, many feel that the second was a step in the right direction. Most people feel that the show's second season was much better than the ones of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, offering a quicker pace and a compelling villain. It wasn't perfect though and it had a number of flaws, one of which was Cage doing the dab.

Yes, Marvel does try its best to emulate the real-world with relatable characters and stories that feel relevant for our time. However, that has also lead to needless references to pop culture that tend to date the comics and unfortunately, Cage dabbing in the show was a prime example of trends becoming fads.

Thankfully, the people within the show agree, or at the least whoever runs the show's Twitter account does. Whether it be he or she, the person who runs the account showed a picture of a tombstone labeled "Luke's Dab" with the post itself saying "Heard ya'll loud and clear."

It's nice seeing them acknowledge the show's flaws and making fun of them as well. No one really dabs anymore - unless you're WWE superstar TJP - so the less mentioning of this, the better.

Luke Cage can currently be streamed on Netflix.

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