04 Jul 2017 2:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo Tries To Resolve “Who Shot First” Debacle While Discussing Canon Details

Lucasfilm might have a firm grip on the overall direction and storyline of the Star Wars franchise, however it seems like the studio isn't that concerned about whether tiny little details like "splitting hairs" and "dialog" are to be certified canon.

Most Star Wars fans like to get their facts straight (including that conundrum on who really shot first, Greedo or Han) and though Disney has largely decluttered the franchise by separating Star Wars expanded universe from canon, debates about canon information continue to run across the Star Wars community. Now, taking to Twitter, Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive Pablo Hidalgo shares his thoughts on what "canon" actually means to the studio.

Noting down that what he's posting isn't "reflective of any company policy" and is no "commandment" but simply an observation, the Lucasfilm Story Group member says that sometimes there are "increments beneath notice."

"So, I don't see there being such a thing as 'canon dialog'. Because a comic, novel, cartoon, live action version of an event will differ," Hidalgo writes.

"It's my way of dodging the who-shot-first horse carcass," he goes on to explain the whole Han vs Greedo debate. "All that's canon is that two people entered that booth, & Greedo died. Reports vary."


That certainly puts a zipper on all the conflict. An expansive universe that's only growing larger as Lucasfilm continues to develop the franchise, it's no surprise that writers do away with the minute details on focus on the main storyline of canon. While most would argue that it's lazy world building, some details don't play a significant role in the saga – does it really matter who shot first? Greedo's still dead.

What are your thoughts on the whole "canon" debacle? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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