Lucasfilm Releases New 'Star Wars Rebels: The Call' Preview Video

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A new Star Wars Rebelsvideo has been released by Lucasfilm. Last week, we reported on a new clipfor Star Wars Rebels Season 2. Now an even newer video has been released by the film company. The video shows a quick peek at the upcoming Star Wars Rebels episode this week, which is titled The Call.

The Star Wars Rebels preview clip shows Ezra, who is rumored to be the main villainin Star Wars: Episode VIII, using his unique ability to connect with animals using the Force.

Check out the video:




Star Wars Rebels: The Call episode is set to tell the story of The Ghost crew attempting to rescue several space creatures who are involved in a deadly Techno Union mining operation.



It looks like an exciting episode.

Catch the entire story in The Call when Star Wars Rebels airs on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Disney XD.