NCIS: New Orleans Star Finally Spills Tea On Shock Exit

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Credit: FOX TV UK/YouTube screenshot
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For die-hard fans of NCIS: New Orleans, the news of the show's cancellation has yet to sink in. While fans are still mourning the loss of Scott Bakula's spin-off, former star Lucas Black has finally spoken out about his decision to leave the show that made him famous.

Why Was Black Kicked Out of NCIS: New Orleans?

Because of his sense of humor and commitment to his work, Black's character was a fan favorite. Other key characters, like Agent Percy and Agent Brody, had left in previous seasons, but the circumstances surrounding their departures allowed for a reunion.


The move begs the question: why would Agent Christopher LaSalle be scripted out of the show with no hope of his character ever returning?

According to the actor, he chose to leave NCIS: New Orleans because his personal life was being overburdened by the show's demanding production schedule.

Black had been a regular on NCIS: New Orleans from the show's inception in 2014, appearing in 125 of the 155 episodes. In an interview with Express, he revealed that the show's extensive production hours stole time away from his family:

"All throughout my career, there was a concern because I would observe how the entertainment industry would destroy families."

If he kept doing the show, he said, the strain on his family would get worse.

Where Will We See Black Next?

Outside of serial television, Black is working on other projects. Earlier this year, he returned to the character of Sam Boswell in F9: The Fast Saga. Currently, Black appears to be taking a break from acting, focusing on his YouTube channel, where he posts hunting, fishing, and travel videos.


Regrettably, Black's character left NCIS: New Orleans on such a sad note, but the general reaction to LaSalle's final episode only shows how much of an influence he had on the show's viewers.

He considers his time on NCIS to be a great experience, though taking a break from acting has been a welcome change of pace for him and his family. He has yet to declare his involvement in any new films or television shows, so fans may have to wait a while before seeing him onscreen again.