Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion Episode: Who’s Still Together?

Love Is Blind Season 4
Credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 4
Credit: Netflix

After some delays, the much-awaited Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion episode has finally aired and it sure was an interesting one. It was supposed to be the first "live" reunion special from Netflix.

The reunion episode was supposed to air live on Netflix last April 16th. But due to technical difficulties, Netflix had to postpone the release for another day.

The reality show also noted having the most number of love triangles this season. And while there were three couples who got engaged at the end of the show, it appears a fourth couple also ended up together.

Here's what's up with the couples from Love Is Blind Season 4 after leaving the show a year ago.

Are Brett and Tiffany Still Married?

Brett and Tiffany in Love Is Blind Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Without a doubt, the least dramatic couple in this season is Brett and Tiffany. Since the start of this season, the two have connected and their relationship has deepened.

In fact, they have gotten married in the finale and are still together to this day.

Are Marshall and Jackie Still Together?

Marshall and Jackie in Love Is Blind Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

No, the two broke up in episode 11, when Jackie skipped her wedding dress fitting. Marshall said that he has moved on from the incident and the breakup was the last time he spoke to her.

Jackie also decided to keep her ring and pursued a relationship with another person she connected with in the pods, Josh. The reunion special also released some unaired scenes between Jackie and Josh in the pods.

One of the hosts, Vanessa Lachey, confirmed that the two have been dating ever since Jackie left the show. But in a recorded video call, Jackie clarified that she did not cheat on Marshall.

"I broke up with Marshall before I saw Josh at the coffee shop."

Jackie also revealed that Marshall called her a "derogatory name" while they were filling out their marriage certificate.

Although it was meant as a joke, Jackie did not like it when Marshall told her she had a "strong jawline. You could've been a man for all I know."

Marshall has apologized for the comment.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Josh are still together and have even moved in together.

Are Paul and Micah Still Together?

Paul and Micah in Love Is Blind Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Micah revealed that she felt rejected when Paul said no to her at the altar. She also revealed that her wedding day was "really hard" the entire day.

"I felt like I was heading towards the doom, the end, the death of a relationship, and I was sad. I was really in love with this person, but the days leading up to the wedding, I started feeling like, 'I don't think he is ready.'"

Micah reveals that that was why she asked Paul to go first. Even though she wasn't "completely surprised" by Paul's rejection, she would have said yes if she answered first.

As for their relationship status right now, the two are still in good terms. But Paul clarified that they are not officially together and are "trying to figure out to what degree can we be in each other's lies."

Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together?

Chelsea and Kwame in Love Is Blind Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Another couple who got married in the show's finale is Kwame and Chelsea. In the reunion episode, the two revealed that they are celebrating their first year together.

Chelsea has also finally met Kwame's mom and are taking things slow.

A deleted scene between Chelsea and Micah was aired in the reunion special where the two cleared the air regarding the flirtatious scene in Mexico. Chelsea revealed that it was "difficult" and "very uncomfortable" to watch those scenes in the show.

Kwame also apologized to his wife in the special and in real life, apologized to Chelsea's family. They wished happiness for Micah.

Are Bliss and Zack Still Together?

Zack and Bliss in Love Is Blind Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Yes, very much so. The two also got married and have been a strong couple ever since. The two are also about to go on honeymoon in Panama, which was paid for by her father.

During the reunion special, Irina came on stage to apologize for her mean girl comments in the pods. Bliss, however, was shocked and disappointed with how Irina treated her husband while they were in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Zack told Irina directly:"If we're real, you went on this show to get famous. But look, I forgive you." He also wishes Irina will one day be a better person. 

Although Irina tried to blame her decision to go home on a panic attack, Bliss called her out for telling her she "dodged a bullet." Bliss decided to move on from that conversation.

For more on the couples from Love Is Blind Season 4, check out this clip from Cut:

You can watch all the episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 on Netflix right now.

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