Love, Death + Robots Season 4 Officially Confirmed by Netflix

Love, Death + Robots Season 4 gets the greenlight on Aug. 12. Netflix announced that it's renewing the Emmy award-winning sci-fi animated anthology for Volume 4. The third volume was just released in May 2022, and one of the episodes, titled Jibaro, already received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

Love, Death + Robots
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Love, Death + Robots

Created by Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller for Netflix, Love, Death + Robots features standalone episodes each connected to the themes of the titular subjects matter.

Netflix shared a short teaser with the Love, Death + Robots Vol. 4 announcement, but no exact release date has been revealed yet. It's likely that it will take at least a year to complete all the episodes that will be released in the next volume.

Speaking to Gold Derby, the Love, Death + Robots creators and Tim Miller said the harder part about creating the sci-fi anthology is choosing which stories they want to pursue with each volume.

"It's not because it's hard to find good ones, but because there's so many good ones. It's really hard to choose which ones are actually gonna go in the show," Miller said.

Supervising director Jennifer Yuh Nelson added: "You have amazing directors in studio and there just aren't enough stories or slots for everybody. That's the hard part because you just want everybody to be able to do something."

"We are getting new tools all the time and you see people that are able to do things now, alone at home on their computers, that you required an entire studio to do ten years ago and it will look better." Miller explained when talking about leaps in AI animation. "Some of it is just so mesmerizing and freaky, but it's a technique that literally didn't exist six months ago. But immediately when I started to see what was coming out of that, I thought, I know we got a story that this be great on."

You can read more details about the upcoming season in everything we know about Love, Death + Robots Vol. 4.

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