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LOTR's Peter Jackson Turned Down Aquaman TWICE

When Aquaman came out last December, there was a lot of comparison to the fantasy epic Lord of the Rings. As it turns out, WB actually offered LOTR director Peter Jackson to helm the franchise, only Jackson wasn't interested.

Talking to Empire, Jackson revealed he was actually approached to direct Aquaman twice. Jackson explained:

"[Former Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara] said, ‘Are you a fan of Aquaman?' I said, ‘No.' Six months later: ‘Peter, are you a fan of Aquaman?' I said, 'No, Kevin, I already told you this'… I'm not a superhero guy. I read Tintin… Look, films are hard. I only want to make something that I have a deep passion for… I don't really anticipate making another theatrical film for a year or two."

With Jackson basically being forced into making the Hobbit movies, I can imagine that he's pretty worn out to try and attempt another big film again. For now, it seems that he's gotten into making documentaries. Last year saw him restoring some old WWI footage with They Shall Not Grow Old, and now he's working on a new documentary centered on the Beatles.

As for Aquaman, it looks like the DCEU is eager to have James Wan back onboard for the sequel. We do have to do a bit more waiting as Aquaman 2 is set to come out in 2022. I'm just hoping they improve on some of the flaws of the first film.

Aquaman 2 is set to hit theaters Dec. 16, 2022.

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