Lost and Hellboy Actor is Now 'Virus Free' After Getting Infected by the Coronavirus

It's an odd and scary time right now, with the Coronavirus proving to be an epidemic to watch out for, which is why so many of us have decided to stay at home. Granted, there are still plenty of people who can get the virus, whether it's due to their work or because they're stupid enough to go out, so anyone can get it. Lost and Hellboy actor Daniel Dae Kim actually tested positive for the virus not too long ago but he appears to be fine now.

On an Instagram post, Dae Kim confirmed that he is now virus-free after initially being infected. This is pretty great news considering how fatal the virus has been for thousands of people so we'll congratulate the actor for that. Knowing that he's also 51-years-old also makes his recovery impressive, though the Hollywood lifestyle (and money) essentially ensured that he would be in good health.

Granted, it's still annoying how celebrities and the 1% are allowed to have tests right away, while others are forced to stay at home and hope for the best. While we won't deny that the recovery of Daniel Dae Kim is nice, knowing that he had plenty of resources to recover from this does make it an obvious conclusion. Compare this to say, a middle-class woman in her ‘60s recovering from the sickness and it's nothing too special.

Daniel Dae Kim can be seen in Lost and Hellboy, both of which are in digital stores now.

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