Lord Of The Rings TV Series In Development

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Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies may be 16 years old, but everyone still loves the blockbuster trilogy more than the more recent Hobbit movies. News has it that an LOTR series in the works, but as of now, it's still in its earliest stages.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, WB is currently negotiating with Amazon Studios for a potential Lord of the Rings TV series. With the project still in very early stages, there are still no writers attached to the project, and there is said to be several issues that have to be ironed out with the Tolkien estate.

Seeing how big LOTR is, I think hope for a series' success would have to depend on the show being connected to an already established canon. I can imagine this series being based on the Silmarillion by Tolkien, but I'm also open to an anthology show that follows a different epic after every episode.

I don't know about all the legalities that the studio has to go through in order to make this show happen, but I think what it ultimately needs first is a good script. I can already imagine the collective groan of several other LOTR fans, and it feels like the showrunners will have to think about them in order to make this series a success.

No air date has been announced for this Lord of the Rings series.

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