LOONA Member Heejin And Woo Jin Young Are Not Dating

Credit: loonatheworld/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: loonatheworld/YouTube Screenshot

Heejin of LOONA and Woo Jin Young of D1CE recently made the headlines. This came after netizens began speculating about the true nature of the two K-pop idols’ relationship.

Hours after the apparent dating rumors involving the South Korean artists remained in circulation, the all-female group’s agency set the record straight. Koreaboo reported that Blockberry Creative released an official statement, dismissing the allegations.

LOONA and D1CE Members Are Not Close

On December 29, Topstarnews obtained the announcement from the South Korean record label. The official statement says that the LOONA member and the D1CE member are not dating, and the rumors are “not true at all.”

It also explains that the two K-pop idols are “not even close with each other” on a personal level. This is despite them being former co-stars on the reality show, MIXNINE.

Blockberry Creative continued that they want to “act quickly” to ensure no one else gets affected by the rumors. Moreover, they apologized for “causing worry” to many individuals.

In the end, the agency said that they will continue to do their best regarding the matter.

What Sparked The Dating Rumors

The speculations and theories began to emerge on the evening of December 28, according to AllKpop. It all came after Heejin held a V Live broadcast to greet her fans.

Amid the engagement, the LOONA member showed her audience a video clip from her iPad. She accidentally scrolled to another photo in the gallery album, wherein fans caught a glimpse of a blonde-haired individual on the screen.

Many immediately theorized that it was D1CE member Woo Jin Young because of the hair color. As noted, he currently sports the same tone.

Some even alleged that the female idol uses the passcode “970531” for her iPad. The number set happens to be the male idol’s birthdate.

The Blonde-Haired Individual

Blockberry Creative, later on, revealed the identity of the blonde-haired individual on Heejin’s iPad. As reported, it was her cousin, who remains to be unnamed.

Following the rumors, though, both the members of LOONA and D1CE have maintained their silence about the whole debacle.

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