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LOONA Chuu Suffered Mistreatment? K-pop Idol's Fansite Breaks Silence

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Credit: loonatheworld/YouTube Screenshot

LOONA Chuu sparked concerns that she might be leaving her agency.

News outlets, including Entertainment Naver, claimed this week that the K-pop idol is planning to leave Blockberry Creative — although she would continue her works with Loona.

Now, her fansite disclosed the alleged reason behind Chuu’s decision.

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LOONA Chuu Is Reportedly Suffering Due to Her Company

As reported by AllKpop, Chuu’s fansite broke their silence and said that the agency did not care for her in the past years. Sadly, the idol also had to ride on public transportations to go to her scheduled appearances since the company failed to drive and accompany her.

"I haven't said anything until now, but Blockberry, these f****ers, they haven't even given Chuu a manager for her solo schedule since May. That's why she's been taking taxis for all her schedules, and she's been carrying her luggage too. Their manager isn't even busy. When Chuu had to call a taxi through KakaoTaxi to get to her schedule, the manager was driving Choerry to a birthday cafe event,” the fansite detailed.

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They added that LOONA members rode a van going to the filming location of Weekly Idol. Chuu, on the other hand, traveled through KakaoTaxi despite the fact that she came out first to ride the van.

The fansite further disclosed that Chuu also takes care of her own luggage whenever she has a solo schedule. If Blockberry Creative denies their claims, the fansite is reportedly prepared to show proof of maltreatment.

LOONA’s agency is yet to comment on the issue. But amid the heartbreaking situation, Chuu chooses to spend her time in expanding her career.

Chuu To Work With Former iKON Member B.I.

The Kpop Herald exclusively confirmed that Chuu and B.I. would soon work together on a new song.

The news outlet disclosed that the two idols would drop Lullaby as part of Dingo Music’s special project. It is expected to come out on June 27.

B.I. first released a demo version of the song on SoundCloud in February to mark Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, before the collaboration, Chuu worked with LOONA on the group’s mini-album, Flip That.

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