Loki Star Blasts Chris Pratt’s Mario Casting; Wants Actor Replaced

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Credit: Illumination

It can't be denied that Chris Pratt is currently on the run of his Hollywood career and he looks to continue his streak in 2023. Just recently, the first teaser for Illumination's upcoming 3D-animated flick The Super Mario Bros. Movie was finally released but the excitement and enthusiasm from the fandom quickly turned into dismay after hearing how the actor sounded as the titular character.

Credit: Illumination

A lot of people believe that Pratt's accent isn't cutting it and if they had things their way, they'd love to hear iconic Mario voice actor Charles Martinet take over the role. Martinet has been voicing the character in video games since 1992 and when the project was first announced, it naturally made him a top candidate to voice the part.

Now, Loki star and prolific voice actor Tara Strong is joining the discourse online and according to her, Illumination should have tapped Martinet for the project and not the Guardians of the Galaxy actor. Taking to Twitter, the Miss Minutes voice actor posted a photo of her and the iconic voice of the Super Mario video games and wrote: "It should be Charles". Check it out below:

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Pratt has yet to address the growing backlash on his Mario voice but those who expect to see him get replaced may end up getting disappointed. Recasting Pratt would obviously be a financial gamble for Illumination despite the film's decent 80 million production budget.

And let's be honest, Pratt, being the recognizable star that he is would appeal to a wider audience most especially kids, and while Martinet would definitely gratify the nostalgia of longtime fans, his voice is best suited for video games.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have its theatrical release on April 7, 2023.