Loki Fan Art Imagines Dune Star Timothee Chalamet as Young Tom Hiddleston

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We already know that the Loki series will bring back Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief. But what if the show also features a flashback scene showing a younger Loki? A new fan art imagines Dune actor Timothee Chalamet as the Marvel character.

Digital artist Bosslogic shared the awesome artwork on his official Instagram account and it looks like Chalamet could actually play a young Hiddleston. Check it out below.

First of all, Chalamet has the cheekbones to pull off a convincing young Loki. Bosslogic's artwork captures the actor's looks perfectly and it works well with the character's trademark helmet.


Sure, it's a great idea if young Loki actually shows up in the Disney+ series. On the other hand, we're quite happy to have a show that focuses on Hiddleston's version of the God of Mischief alone. Still, we're not against the Little Women star showing up in the series so we could find out what Loki was up to before the events in Thor.

The Loki series has not yet started production but there are already plans for a second season. In addition to that, the show is expected to be connected to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This could mean that Hiddleston will once again show up in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Loki does not have an official premiere date but is expected to air on Disney+ in 2021. Chalamet's new film The King is currently streaming on Netflix.

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