16 Jun 2021 10:20 AM +00:00 UTC

Loki Episode 2 Recap: Meet The Variant

The second episode of Loki is finally here and we get to see more of the God of Mischief in action. Amazingly, we also get to meet the mysterious Variant who has been wreaking havoc on the Sacred Timeline in Episode 2.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from Loki Episode 2! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Loki Episode 2 opens with the God of Mischief joining the TVA on a mission after the fugitive Variant caused trouble in Wisconsin in 1985. Not surprisingly, Loki still doesn't trust TVA that much and wants Agent Mobius to assure him that he will get to meet the Time Keepers instead of being disintegrated.

Mobius is clearly beginning to trust Loki and he convinces Ravenna Renslayer to give the Asgardian another chance. Loki and Mobius immediately begin researching and the God of Mischief theorizes that the Variant is hiding in an apocalyptic event. Loki reasons that it would be safe for the fugitive there since nothing that they do could change the timeline.

They eventually deduce that the Variant is hiding in a hurricane in Alabama that happens in 2050. When they get there, the fugitive uses mind control to communicate with Loki through Hunter B-15. However, it is eventually revealed that the Variant is actually a female version of Loki.

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The Variant is revealed to have a countdown clock that is somehow connected to reset charges she has stolen from the TVA. Once the clock runs out, the reset charges create new timeline branches and she escapes through one of them. Shockingly, Loki follows her, leaving a disappointed Mobius behind.


We're frustrated that Mobius thinks Loki betrayed him by escaping but also thrilled to finally meet the Variant who appears to be Sylvie Lushton aka Enchantress. Needless to say, we can't wait to find out if Loki catches up to her next week.

Loki Episode 2 is titled The Variant and is now streaming on Disney+.

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