Loki Director Reveals Episode 5 Underwent the Most Reworked

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One of the MCU shows that aired last year is the first season of Loki which featured the titular character as he embarked on a time-traveling adventure throughout the universe. The series was received well by fans and critics for pushing the boundaries of the MCU and the wonderful exploration of the titular character.

The fifth episode titled "Journey into Mystery" was one of the highlights of the series as it gave us a look at the multiple versions of Loki while being stuck in the Void, Richard E. Grant's scene-stealing performance as Classic Loki, and a terrific set-up of the finale. But as it turns out, it's also the episode that took the most rework during post-production.

Kate Herron, the director of Loki, shared in her tweet that the fifth episode had the "most reworked" during editing and called it an "absolute beast." She also gave a shoutout to editor Calum Ross for "his tenacity and sleep-deprivation resilience" when they were working on it during the "dark December nights in 2020." It's also a quote retweet of the editing timeline of the episode which showed a lot of layers.

This might be a surprising fact for some fans since most of us are not really familiar with the intricate behind-the-scenes details of the movies and TV shows that we watch as all we can see is the final result. It is an example of the hard work that the post-production team put into in order to make the MCU magic come to life.

So what does it mean that the episode underwent the most reworked? It indicates that the structure of the episode wasn't solidified until the editing and perhaps they were also having a hard time figuring out the different storylines with the multiple Lokis and the one with Sylvie and Morbius. The episode also had a lot of CGI involved which might also add to the challenges that they had. Either way, we can pretty much say that they did a great job on the episode.

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Unlike the other MCU shows, Loki is confirmed to have a second season and fans are looking forward to seeing what's next after the cliffhanger in the season finale.

The first season of Loki is currently streaming on Disney+.


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