28 May 2020 3:55 PM +00:00 UTC

Logan Director Shares the Stunt Demo for the Hotel Seizure Scene


Director James Mangold had just held a watch party for Logan, and he’s been giving us some interesting tidbits about the film and how it was made. What’s cool is, he’s been sharing some footage of the stunt demos for the movie, and he shared this amazing scene where they put together the hotel scene where Charles Xavier gets a seizure.

Check it out:


The previz for the psionic attack at the casino.#Logan#QuarantineWatchParty@ComicBookpic.twitter.com/jkIYMRKhvP
— Mangold (@mang0ld)
May 28, 2020


Here’s the original scene from the film so you can compare and contrast:




What’s interesting is, since the movie had a moderate budget, Mangold and his team had to find ways to get cheaper visuals for the film. He revealed in the following post how they pulled off the shaky effect on the camera:

Because this film was made for much less than other tent pole films, we had to find new ways to achieve vfx. The psionic attack was largely created by shaking the camera like crazy & then using a shake-reduction app to make the shake disappear but retaining the smeary look.

While I don’t really think that Logan was perfect, it does have some amazing scenes, and the seizure with Professor X was pretty nerve-wracking. It was built up since we first met Charles, and we got to see it come full force at some point in the film; and though we didn’t get to see how the X-Men all died, this was pretty much the closest thing we get to it.

For now, Marvel Studios is set to reboot the X-Men, but we don’t know when they’re going to come back to cinemas. If you miss the Marvel Fox world, you can wait for The New Mutants which comes out sometime this year.

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