Logan Director Explains Why He Took a Shot at Snyder Cut Fans

James Mangold is an interesting beast, in that he's directed two superhero movies in The Wolverine and Logan, has had talks about making a Boba Fett film, yet isn't a fan of how studios keep wanting big franchises. Despite his work on these kinds of movies, the man agreed with Martin Scorsese about how Marvel movies aren't cinema and he has now taken a shot at DC fans who keep demanding the Snyder Cut.

On Twitter, he told cinephiles to "take ten minutes off from your picketing for the Snyder Cut and watch something where the wardrobe isn't fiberglass or carbon fiber," which didn't go well with a number of fans. Mangold explained why he took a shot at them, making it clear that he has nothing against Snyder but is more annoyed at obsessive franchise fans and studios wanting that Marvel movie.

While we're sure Snyder Cut fans will defend themselves, the people who overreact are giving the fanbase a bad reputation. They already looked bad when a number of them got mad at how Harley Quinn portrayed them, basically proving the cartoon right, so this doesn't help things at all. Maybe Mangold is on to something here.

Because of Harley Quinn and now this, it seems like the Snyder Cut fans are a thin-skinned bunch. Mangold isn't completely right, in that Snyder continues to post shots from Justice League via his social media but we're sure that the director wants to move on. Maybe not demanding it will make things easier for Snyder.

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