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Live-Action Attack on Titan Official Trailer Unleashed

Japanese film studio Toho has released the first trailer for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan (In Japanese: Shingeki no Kyojin) film. The trailer reveals some gritty and dramatic footage fans of the anime would expect. Check out the trailer below: 

Here’s the narration translated (via ANN)

Narration: Over one hundred years ago... Half of humanity was eaten by the titans that suddenly appeared... The humanity that remained created a giant wall, and lived peacefully. Text: Anticipated by the whole world!! Text: Live-action film green-lit! Mikasa: The world is cruel... Eren: If we mess up, that's the end for humanity. Title: Attack on Titan Text: The attack begins on August 1!

Those worried that Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama is not directly involved with the production of the film, don't worry as director Shinji Higuchi stated that he's closely working with Isayama to bring his manga to life in the big screen. The story will be split into two parts. 

Japanese live-action adaptations of animes are usually excellent. The first two live-action Death Note films were, in my opinion, better than the anime. 

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