Little Women Episode 6 Recap: Kim Go Eun Receives An Orchid + Nam Ji Hyun Gets Fired From Her Job As Reporter

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

tvN Kdrama Little Women stars Kim Go Eun with Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ki Joon, and Wi Ha Joon. The series depicts the story of three poor but friendly sisters facing the richest and most powerful family in South Korea.

Little Women Episode 6 was released on September 18, 2022, and simultaneously streamed on Netflix. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 6 received a nationwide viewership rating of 8.388%. This was the series new personal best in ratings.

Here is a Little Women Episode 6 recap and everything you need to know about the recently premiered Kdrama.

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Little Women Episode 6 Recap

Little Women Episode 6 sees In-Joo reaching out to Hyorin regarding a shocking piece of evidence they discovered. In-Joo tries to get an answer from Hyorin on where and how she had seen the scene she had painted. But Hyorin seems not to remember a thing.

In-Joo makes a promise not to get the black box evidence without permission from Hyorin. However, as soon as Hyorin fell asleep that night, she tried to look for it in her room. In-Hye finds her sister busy digging in Hyorin’s drawers for the recording.

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Kim Go Eun Contemplates Whether To Stay Silent In Little Women Episode 6

On the other hand, In-Joo thinks deeply about whether she should stay silent and wait for the right moment to speak up and use the ledgers to her advantage. She confronts Choi Do-Il about the information she has received regarding his past car accident with a woman named Hwang Bora. He explains that Hwang Bora is his first client, and he has given her the freedom she has long wanted.

Won Sang-Ah then told In-Joo to prepare to go to Singapore for the orchids auction. She has to bid successfully, and 10% of the money she will make in Singapore will be given to her, plus a huge amount of bonus.

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Meanwhile, Little Women Episode 6 reveals a shocking relationship between the sisters’ great aunt and Park Jae Sang’s late father. In-Kyung tells the whole media about her discoveries, pinning down Park Jae Sang.

But different from what she had expected, her revelations only positively affected Park Jae-Sang’s approval rate. In the end, she gets fired from her work.

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In-Joo eventually takes an orchid for herself. One night, as In-Kyung is coming home from a stressful investigation with her friend, she sees In-Joo in the middle of the room with their great-aunt covered in her own blood.

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