24 Mar 2019 12:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Little Known Star Wars Deleted Scene Restored, Uncovers Big Luke Skywalker Mystery

A recently resurfaced Star Wars deleted scene fills in the blank of Luke Skywalker's sudden lightsaber combat skills. One of the things that fans would have loved to see in the original trilogy is his lightsaber training under Master Yoda, who was one of the best in the galaxy far, far away in this category. It turns out it was supposed to be explored much further in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back than it ended up being.

The second original Star Wars film was supposed to show more of Yoda teaching Luke how to use the Force efficiently in battle and help him connect with the lightsaber as if it is an extension of himself. He was supposed to teach him different combat techniques and show him the power of meditation to anticipate the opponent's moves.

Mark Hamill and Frank Oz actually filmed these extra scenes in Dagobah where Yoda taught Luke how to properly use a lightsaber in a duel. In one scene, fully restored by a fan, Luke can be seen meditating while Yoda is on his back preparing to throw an object in the air that Luke will have to cut in pieces using his lightsaber. The young Skywalker was unsuccessful, showing that he still had so much to learn when he cut the training short to save his friends in Cloud City. Watch the clip below:

Somewhere along the way, however, Luke learned one of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. That is no other than Form V, which is also called Djem So or Shien. This is the form used by the Jedi Order and one that Anakin has mastered and would go on to use as Darth Vader. Ahsoka Tano also slips into Shien when in lightsaber combat.


This form is all about defense with the use of strong blocks and parries before swiftly transitioning into counterattacks. In its most basic form, this form allows a Jedi to deflect blaster fire and bounce it back to the opponent.

It would have been great to watch Luke go through the training onscreen especially since many Star Wars fans believe that it could have improved his story arc. Thankfully, we would always have this deleted scene to look to.

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