Lioness Release Date, News & Update: Taylor Sheridan's Upcoming CIA Series Adds Nicole Kidman + Details

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Credit: Team Coco/YouTube Screenshot

Nicole Kidman has joined the cast of Lioness, a new CIA drama from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan.

The show has secured a well-known star to lead the cast in a classic Sheridan trademark. Kidman is the big star in this case, joining Lioness as the lead after initially agreeing to executive produce (via Deadline). Along with Laysla De Oliveira, the cast of the show also includes actress Zoe Saldaña.


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Lioness Marks a Change for Taylor Sheridan

Yellowstone, Sheridan's Paramount Network series, established him as a riveting and popular drama television creator.

Sheridan has released a torrent of content since the Kevin Costner series began its big ratings run on TV and streaming, including the Yellowstone spinoffs 1883 and 1923, the Sylvester Stallone mafia drama Tulsa King, and the hard-hitting Jeremy Renner series Mayor of Kingstown.


It's safe to assume that Sheridan's series on Paramount+ have tended to be male-centric, both in terms of cast makeup and attitudes. Indeed, Yellowstone has received a lot of flak for how it portrays women, particularly Kelly Reilly's "difficult" Beth Dutton.

On the other hand, Lioness is unmistakably a female-centric show, right down to its basic idea and throughout its ensemble. Kidman and Saldaña's inclusion in the cast gives the program a strong start.

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What's Known about Lioness So Far

In Lioness, De Oliveira plays Cruz Manuelos, a young Marine with a raw but passionate side, who joins the CIA's special Lioness Engagement Team and is given the task of making friends with a billionaire's daughter who has ties to a terrorist organization (Stephanie Nur) in order to destroy the group from within.


Saldaña plays Joe, the Lioness program's station chief, whose duties include supervising, managing, and training this all-female team of undercover agents.

Kidman is set to play Kaitlyn Meade, a CIA supervisor who "must juggle the trappings of being a woman in the high-ranking intelligence community, a wife who longs for the attention she herself can't even give and a mentor to someone veering suspiciously close to the same rocky road she's found herself on."

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Lioness does not yet have a premiere date from Paramount+.