Lindsay Lohan Continues Pursuit of Batgirl Role

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News of DCEU's Batgirl movie has gone quiet, but the film has Lindsay Lohan to thank for putting it back in the headlines. Lohan is apparently still serious about wanting the Batgirl role, and is continuing her campaign on social media.

Check it out:

Though Justice League came out as a disappointment for a lot of fans, Joss Whedon is still attached to direct the film. We don't know what the progress on the movie is, but with new DC head Walter Hamada in charge, the film could be pushed forward soon. As of now, the only DCEU film coming out this year is Aquaman.


Though Lohan is a far cry from the star that she once was, I don't blame her for wanting to make a comeback with superhero films. Robert Downey Jr. had basically gone the same direction with his problems, but found a rejuvenation of his career after he got cast as Iron Man.

From my perspective, I think the chances of Lohan playing Batgirl are pretty slim. It has been said that Whedon wanted a fresh face in the role, and I think Lohan's history will hinder her chances of playing the straight-laced Barbara Gordon.

Personally, I think it would be better for her to play an antagonist or villain instead of a hero. Maybe she could play Star Sapphire? How about Black Canary?

No release date has been announced for Batgirl.

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