04 Dec 2018 8:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Life-Sized Aquaman Statue Makes A Royal Stan In Dubai Hotel

It looks like Dubai's getting ready for Jason Momoa's first Aquaman standalone movie in style.

The Atlantis Hotel, a Palm hotel, and resort in Dubai, has been working to advertise James Wan's Aquaman in a pretty statuesque way, featuring a life-size figure of Arthur Curry standing proudly with his trident in hand at the very bottom of The Lost Chambers aquarium/ the Ambassador Lagoon diving area.

A DC fan managed to take a video of the statue sitting around in the bottom of the Aquarium of Dubai's Atlantis Hotel and in the video viewers can get to see divers and sea creatures swimming around the pool admiring the statue of the DC Extended Universe's King of Atlantis.

You can check it out down here:

Other: Lol This is the best piece of Aquaman marketing yet. They put a Aquaman statue in the Aquarium of The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.

It's a pretty exciting time for the DCEU. Aquaman is set to swim his way into cinemas this month, and early reactions to the film have been overwhelmingly positive. Not only has the comic book movie's fight scenes been compared to battles in Lord of the Rings, but they've also been compared to scenes from Lucasfilm's Star Wars franchise in its galaxy far, far away. Some early reactions have also called the film the best entry in the DCEU, beating out Gal Gadot's overwhelmingly successful standalone movie Wonder Woman. Critics have praised both Aquaman director James Wan as well as Jason Momoa and Amber Heard for their work on the movie.

There's been a lot of fans who've seen the early screenings who've been gushing about the film's visual effects and the spectacle that it brings.

We can't wait to see Aquaman on the big screen.

Aquaman comes swimming into cinemas December 21, 2018.

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