Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Losing The Witcher Role Amid Miley Cyrus Drama

Liam H
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Liam H
Credit: Quibi

Henry Cavill's decision to exit Netflix's The Witcher franchise is easily one of the biggest newsmakers of 2022 but what's even more surprising is the streaming giant's desire to move forward with the show. When Cavill announced his departure from the beloved series, it was also revealed that Liam Hemsworth would be taking over the role of Geralt of Rivia from him.

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Liam's casting has received backlash from fans of the show and even before the Hunger Games star could begin work on The Witcher Season 4, a new rumor suggests that he could end up losing the role all thanks to the latest drama between him and his ex-wife Miley Cyrus.

According to Twitter page @CyrusOnStats (via FandomWire), the American pop star's latest viral hit "Flowers" nearly cost Liam his spot in the fourth season of The Witcher. The source claims that Netflix was reconsidering his casting months after Cavill shockingly exited the franchise.

The page also noted that Hemsworth is suing Cyrus for the song as many believe its message is directed toward the actor. As it stands, both parties have yet to address the authenticity of the report so take it with a grain of salt still.

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I think it's pretty safe to say that Liam's journey as Geralt isn't off to a good start but hopefully, the actor can somehow turn things around. He definitely has huge shoes to fill and the most unfortunate thing about it is he was put in the unenviable position of replacing the original face of the franchise. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how he fares.

The Witcher Season 3 is expected to hit Netflix this Summer.

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