Levi's Teams Up With Ghibli for Princess Mononoke Fashion Line

Levi's Princess Mononoke

Levi's Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli is no stranger to fashion collabs as the anime studio has a history with many fashion brands. Now, Ghibli’s latest collab has been revealed, and it’s with iconic denim brand Levi’s for a Princess Mononoke collection.

Instead of being a standard collab featuring simple designs though, Levi’s went all-out as the collection pieces are seriously incredible.

While there are graphic tees in the collection as expected, the highlights are no doubt the various denim items.

Levi’s x Princess Mononoke Might Be the Most Striking Ghibli Collab Yet

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Studio Ghibli is easily one of the most well-known anime studios in the world thanks to its iconic works such as Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro, among others.

Given the studio’s popularity, Ghibli has gotten lots of fashion collaborations over the years.

Recently, there’s the Loewe collab which features designs straight out of Howl’s Moving Castle.

This isn’t a collection for everyone though given their expensive price tags, not to mention that the designs aren’t exactly ideal for daily wear.

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Credit: Studio Ghibli / Loewe

Then there’s the My Neighbor Totoro collab with the Japanese streetwear brand Porter which features bags inspired by the ever-adorable Totoro.

While these previous collabs have striking designs, they are quite loud and put the focus on the anime.

For their collection, Levi’s didn’t disappoint as the designs not only look unique but also perfectly complement the denim pieces, making them a step above typical anime collabs.

What’s more is that, unlike other Ghibli lines, this collection will not be Japan-exclusive, at least based on Levi’s promotion for it.

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Levi’s to Release Mononoke Collection This August

This Levi’s collab features various apparel pieces and accessories.

For those who want to rep Princess Mononoke as part of their daily wear, there are two graphic tees – one in navy and another in light blue. There’s also the haori-style denim jacket with a similar pattern.

Though perhaps the showstopper of the lineup is the matching denim jacket and denim jeans that feature eye-catching prints, with Mononoke and Ashitaka, respectively.

Finally, there’s a tote bag that features a similar design to the jeans and jacket.

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Credit: Studio Ghibli / Levi's

This Princess Mononoke fashion line will be released in Japan on August 10, 2023. It will be available in stores and online.

Currently, there’s no word yet on a release date outside of Japan, but given that it’s being promoted on Levi’s international Instagram account, this collab will likely also be released in the US soon.

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Source: PR Times via SoraNews24

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