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Let Me Be Your Knight Ending Explained: Episode 12 Recap + What Happened To The Members Of LUNA?

Credit: iQiyi K-drama/YouTube Screenshot

Let Me Be Your Knight is a star-studded series that tells a charming yet tragic story about a sleepwalking member of an international idol group. The Kdrama stars UKISS Lee Jun Young, Jung In Sun, NU’EST JR, Jang Dong Joo, AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun, and Yoon Ji Sung.

The series premiered on November 7, 2021 at SBS TV and is simultaneously available for streaming on iQIYI in selected countries. Let Me Be Your Knight released its new episodes every Sunday at 11:05 PM KST.

After concluding its airing on January 24, 2022, the Kdrama received a nationwide viewership rating of 1.1%, with an average 1.5% rating for all 12 episodes.

Now that the Sunday series has ended, many fans are creating theories and speculations that Let Me Be Your Knight may be returning for season 2.

Here’s Let Me Be Your Knight ending explained and the important parts in episode 12 that viewers should know.

Read at your own risk! This article contains major spoilers.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 12 Recap

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 12 sees Yoon Ju receiving a message from her twin sister telling her about how Tae In paid the loan sharks. She immediately hailed a taxi to see Tae In but was shocked when she found him being suspiciously dragged inside a car by a woman.

She decided to follow them and was brought to an abandoned building. Mr. Moon was out of reach, so she tried contacting Woo Yeon, who is back at the dormitory with the other members of LUNA.

After learning that Tae In’s life could be in danger, the other band members prepare to rescue their leader.

As Yoon Ju called for backup, she tried to free Tae In from being tied up. It could have been faster when the two saved the emotional talk for later, but Yoon Ju successfully hid inside a cabinet as soon as the kidnapper returned with Tae In’s food.

Who kidnapped Yoon Tae In in Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 12?

People should really be careful about whom they get themselves involved with. Little did Tae In know, he was working with a stalker fan.

When he got out of the dormitory because he was sleepwalking, he bumped into Jae Eun, a secretary from MM Entertainment. It turns out that she was the stalker fan, and she applied to work for MM Entertainment to get closer to Tae In.

Jae Eun assumed that Tae In acknowledged her feelings. Without knowing that Tae In was sleepwalking, she brought him to an abandoned building far away from the city.

Thankfully, Yoon Ju saw them leaving through Jae Eun’s car and had the taxi driver follow them.

Did In Yoon Ju go to the US with her twin sister in Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 12?

After revealing the truth to the other members of LUNA, Yoon Ju left the dormitory for good and had completely cut off her contact with them. Yoon Ju’s twin sister suggests she go with her to the US to find what she really wants to do with her life.

Living alone in South Korea was exhausting for Yoon Ju. All these years, she has overworked herself to save enough money to buy their childhood home but was only scammed by someone close to her.

When she returned to South Korea, she took the opportunity to study psychiatric mental nursing. As she pretended to be her twin sister, a psychiatrist, she found the interest in understanding the human brain even deeper.

What happened to LUNA members in Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 12?

LUNA members got back on track when they had a serious conversation at the rooftop where Tae In, Woo Yeon, and Shin frequented during trainee days. Tae In regained his composition skills and started working with LUNA’s next album with the other members.

Not long after, LUNA does a concert with a theme of going back to their roots. Instead of performing for a huge audience inside a large venue, they chose to perform a lot of times in a small setting.

Tae In also found the courage in his heart to finally let go of his grudge towards his father. He bravely rejects his father’s offer to come with him to Germany and proudly announces that he is doing the music he loves.

On the other hand, Ga On admits himself to college and is now ready to take on a new challenge. Shin becomes a host of his own show and frequently encounters Ji Yeon in the broadcast station’s corridor.

Woo Yeon now has his own studio as he works diligently to make music, while Yoo Chan is now continuing his passion as an actor and has been receiving lots of drama scripts even while he is still currently filming one.

Let Me Be Your Knight Ending Explained

Yoon Ju continued her studies while doing internships and side jobs. But this time, she is not overworking herself and is just doing them to fill in her vacant days.

She had also reunited with Chorong, an elder who became her closest friend when she was working part-time as a tour guide.

And right when things are about to go back into place, Yoon Ju receives a call from a real estate agent telling her that the house she was desperate to retrieve was now available. When she arrives to check the house, he finally reunites with Tae In.

Will Let Me Be Your Knight Return For Season 2?

Now that the Sunday tvN Kdrama Let Me Be Your Knight has concluded, some fans have been hoping for a season 2. Perhaps it will explore each member's lives, especially Woo Yeon's and Shin's, as they have two of the most interesting storylines in the Kdrama.

However, it has been a week since the last episode was released, and there has not been any news about the series returning for season 2.

Assuming that Tae In and Yoon Ju now lived together in the house that the latter has been saving for before, it looks like Let Me Be Your Knight has completely ended on a good note.

And if ever Let Me Be Your Knight will have a season 2, it will be safe to assume that the storyline will focus on LUNA members' lives after their previous album. Another interesting storyline is Woo Yeon's freshman year, wherein he meets a student with whom he obviously falls in love at first sight, based on his last scene.

Shin's relationship with Ji Yeon can also be explored if Let Me Be Your Knight will have season 2 as many viewers felt sad that their relationship has to end.

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