Leonardo DiCaprio Shock: ‘Titanic’ Star Distancing Himself From Girlfriend Camila Morrone? Actor Reportedly Wants To Be A Bachelor Forever

Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have been dating for four years, and it seems that their relationship is for keeps. When the two first met, Morrone was just 21 years old, but the model will soon turn 25.

Life & Style recently claimed that Morrone’s upcoming June birthday is causing problems between her and Leonardo DiCaprio. After all, the Titanic actor has not dated anyone older than 25 years old. And since DiCaprio wants to be a bachelor for the rest of his life, he allegedly has plans to call it quits with Morrone.

“They really have had a great relationship. He’s the perpetual bachelor, though, and can’t seem to shake that mentality,” an unnamed source claimed.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Not Happy With Camila Morrone’s Success

The unnamed source also insisted that DiCaprio has been trying to distance himself from Morrone so that the model won’t be taken aback when he officially calls it quits with her in the coming months.

“Leo has been distancing himself from Camila and spending more time partying with his boys. Friends see the same clues he always shows before dumping a girl!” the unnamed source said.

Additionally, the unnamed source alleged that DiCaprio realized that it’s best if they end their relationship especially now that Morrone is becoming a renowned actress.

“Leo seems to lose interest when his partner becomes more successful. No one in his inner circle is exactly why, but it could just be because it means more time apart. Camila is sweet, very positive, and super low-maintenance. Leo could end up regretting it if he lets her go,” the unnamed source concluded.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone Won’t Split Before Her Birthday

However, Suggest was quick to debunk the publication’s claims.

First, they countered the allegations that DiCaprio wants to distance himself from his partner every time they become successful. After all, Morrone has only been featured in one movie, Mickey and the Bear. But the model was recently cast in Daisy, Jones & The Six.

DiCaprio also dated Blake Lively years ago. And when the latter rose to fame following her role in Gossip Girl, DiCaprio didn’t end their relationship.

The actor also dated Giselle Bundchen from 1999 to 2004 even while she was already one of the most successful models in the world.

It’s not also true that DiCaprio is planning to split from Morrone or that the couple is dealing with some unresolvable issues. After all, they were just photographed vacationing in St. Barts.

As for DiCaprio planning to call it quits with Morrone on her 25th birthday, there’s also no truth to the claims.

“It’s true that DiCaprio’s previous partners’ ages topped off at 25, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Morrone’s on her way out the door. She’s only 24 years old. She still has a little over a year before turning 26, which would mark a historic milestone in DiCaprio’s dating career,” the publication said.

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Are Leonardo DiCaprio And Camila Morrone Engaged?

Several other rumors have surrounded DiCaprio and Morrone’s relationship.

Last year, there were claims that the couple already got engaged.

In May, OK! magazine claimed that DiCaprio decided to give up his bachelor lifestyle to wed Morrone.

“Leo is excited to pull the trigger and ask Camila to marry him. He’s been on the fence for a while but friends and family have chipped away at Leo. It’ll likely be a short engagement, with a wedding held in late fall or winter in Leo’s home state of California,” an unnamed source said.

However, almost an entire year has passed but DiCaprio and Morrone have not gotten engaged so it’s unlikely for them to already be planning their wedding.

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