Leia Reflects on Her Training with Luke in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Novelization

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One of the most fascinating parts in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a flashback scene of Young Leia training with her twin brother Luke. The film didn't detail Carrie Fisher's character training Daisy Ridley's Rey but the movie's novelization gives a little insight into that.

In an excerpt recently released by the Star Wars official website, Leia teaches Rey in the ways of the Force while she looks back at her training with Luke. In the scene where Rey is floating in the air with pebbles surrounding her, she asked Leia why she trained with Luke.

Leia claims that another life called to her, she then recalls the time they were training at Ajan Kloss. Leia says she treasured every moment she spent with her brother, and that the meditations she practiced with him were the only thing that kept her from "causing a galactic incident."


When she quit, she gave Luke her saber and told him to "pass it on to a promising student someday." Though she claims that she doesn't know where it is when Rey asked her.

In her training with Luke, Leia remembered that her brother told him she was "exceptional" but "different." That though her footwork is "terrible," she manages to do some other things naturally. This is one thing that she kept in mind in training Rey, that both of them were different as well, but together, "they would carve a new path."


Check out the full excerpt of this part here.

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