Legend by Marie Lu TV Series: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

legend by marie lu tv series
Credit: Penguin Young Readers Group | Putnam Imprint | Marie Lu

legend by marie lu tv series
Credit: Penguin Young Readers Group | Putnam Imprint | Marie Lu

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Young adult novel author Marie Lu started her career on a high note as she wrote her first trilogy, the Legend series. It has been confirmed that Legend by Marie Lu is being adapted into a TV series!

Here is everything you need to know about the updates on the show production.

Legend TV Series Production Updates

In a November 2021 report, Legend was confirmed in an announcement that the novel series is being adapted into a television series.

Marie Lu would be writing the pilot episode together with Supergirl and Teen Wolf scribe, Lindsay Sturman, as Marie Lu, herself, posted.

Details on the show remain scarce but the ages of June and Day are confirmed to be adjusted from fifteen to eighteen. There are no announcements yet on who the cast of the show will be.

It is worth mentioning though that Marie Lu's 2015 post mentioned that she envisions Metias in the person of someone like Ben Barnes.

Lionsgate previously sold the rights to the title with the producers of Twilight set to produce the flick. However, just as things were going in a straight line, fate had a different plan for Legend.

Legend was later sold to BCDF Pictures in 2018 when it was decided that Marie Lu's novel series would instead be a TV series rather than a movie. Joseph Muszynski was tapped to pen the script.

Other works of Marie Lu include The Young Elites trilogy, Warcross duology, and Skyhunter duology.

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What Will the Legend Series Be About? What is the Plot?

legend by marie lu tv series
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Credit: Penguin Young Readers Group | Putnam Imprint | Marie Lu

Legend follows June Iparis and Daniel “Day” Altan Wing who are 15-year-olds living on different ends of the economic spectrum.

June is stellar, a military prodigy, who is the only person to ever get a perfect score on the Trial, a test that determines what a child’s role would be in the future of the country. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her older brother, Metias.

Day, on the other hand, is an infamous criminal wanted for stealing, trying to live day by day in the impoverished slums of the city.

Orphaned as well, only his older brother, John, and younger brother, Eden, remain as his only family.

In fate’s twisted world, June and Day got together as they unveil the truth behind the Republic.

The first book, Legend, introduced the characters to each other. By the second book, Prodigy, June and the Patriots save Day from being executed after he was tagged as a traitor.

The last of the novel series is Champion, fitting of its title, where June proves to be one as she is the only key to the defense of their country as a new strain of the plague threatens the Republic and its border cities to go into war.

As of writing, there are no production dates yet for the Legend TV series.

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