Lee Seung Gi Plans to Terminate Contract With Hook Entertainment

Credit: KOCOWA tv / YouTube screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA tv / YouTube screenshot

Lee Seung Gi has reportedly notified his agency, Hook Entertainment regarding his intentions to leave the company.

In a report obtained by Soompi, the top star has plans on ending his contract with the talent label following a dispute between the agency and his music revenues.

For the past 18 years, the Vagabond star has been with the agency who have seen him grow from a rookie to Hallyu’s in-demand artist.

Lee Seung Gi Expressed his Likeness to Terminate Contract with Hook Entertainment

Unfortunately, their relationship has been tainted after the issue regarding Lee Seung Gi’s music earnings.

With this, the singer-actor has expressed his plans to leave Hook Entertainment

According to the outlet, The Law Cafe star has forwarded a request to terminate his exclusive contract with the management agency.

It can be recalled that the triple threat has demanded Hook Entertainment to give a transparent record of its music revenues from distribution and sales.

Moreover, reports also noted that for the past 18 years, the management has not paid Lee Seung Gi and hasn't received even a single cent from them for his music career.

This prompted his legal camp to sue Hook Entertainment based on the evidence focusing on violation of management.

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Hook Entertainment CEO Apologized After Being Criticize Regarding Lee Seung Gi’s Slavery Contract

The public and Lee Seung Gi’s fans slammed Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young for not paying the singer-actor and even calling it a slavery contract.

At the height of the issue, Dispatch Korea also released evidence showing that the CEO lived a lavish lifestyle while the award-winning star was paying for his own meals and will not be under the company’s card.

Due to the public’s clamor, Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young released an apology statement.

She began her statement by saying that for the past 25 years as a manager, this has been her toughest and most difficult time in the industry.

In a separate report cited by Soompi, the CEO vowed to take full responsibility for Lee Seung Gi’s unpaid revenues for his music.

In addition, Kwon Jin Young also mentioned that she will get rid of her personal property as part of her responsibility.

Lee Seung Gi is one of the most beloved Hallyu stars who is adored by many for his outstanding acting and personality.

He started his career as a balladeer and also became famous in Japan.

Lee Seung Gi then ventured into acting and hosting and never fails to disappoint fans.

Now, he recently wrapped up the series The Law Cafe with Lee Se Young and will have an upcoming movie, Big Family where he transforms into a monk.

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