Lee Seung Gi Intentionally Shaved his Head for New Movie Big Family

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Amid the dispute with his agent, Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi is gearing up for his new movie Big Family.

The upcoming comedy medical K-drama is the top star’s big screen comeback five years after The Princess and the Matchmaker with Yeon Woo Jin and Shin Eun Kyung.

As Lee Seung Gi gets onto a new role, the actor reportedly dons a new transformation ahead of the film’s production.

Lee Seung Gi’s Transformation for Upcoming Movie Big Family

In a report cited by Ten Asia, the South Korean triple threat reportedly visited Sujongsa Temple in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province as he immersed himself in the new role.

As part of his preparation, Lee Seung Gi purposely shaved his head for his character.

In the forthcoming movie, the 35-year-old star is set to play someone who plans on being a doctor but ends up becoming a priest

Joining Lee Seung Gi as the lead star is veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok who appears in the award-winning film Escape from Mogadishu.

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Lee Seung Gi Gets Caught Up in Money Dispute With Agency Hook Entertainment

Following the controversy surrounding Hook Entertainment, Dispatch revealed that The Law Cafe star did not receive any revenue since he made his singing debut in 2004.

After releasing 27 albums and 137 songs over the past 18 years, Lee Seung Gi did not get a single cent from its sales; hence why he demanded the disclosure of his financial documents showing his earnings.

Apart from it, the actor also experienced unfair treatment from his agency after one of the directors of Hook Entertainment told his manager not to “spend too much of the company money” and have the top star pay for his meals.

Following the news about Lee Seung Gi, Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young released a statement, clarifying the issue.

As cited by Soompi, the official apologized for causing concern and promised that they “will not step back or avoid anything and take all responsibility” once they deal with it legally.

In addition, the talent label said that they would do their best to be “even more careful, so there are no further incidents that cause concern to everyone” adding that the issue will “not interfere with the entertainment promotions” of the agency.

Apart from Lee Seung Gi, Hook Entertainment is the home for Hallyu’s top stars. It includes Park Min Young, Academy Award winner Youn Yuh Jung, Behind Every Star actor Lee Seo Jin, and more.

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