Lee Jong Suk Diet 2022: How Can When You Were Sleeping Actor Shed Weight Immediately?

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Lee Jong Suk’s diet is seemingly rooted in the phobia he has been suffering from for years.

Although Lee Jong Suk is one of the most sought-after actors in South Korea who has the perfect visuals and physique, the actor reportedly fears gaining attention, especially in public.

When he was tapped to be a model in a magazine shoot following his military discharge, the actor reportedly started a strict diet that allowed him to lose weight as soon as possible.

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Lee Jong Suk’s Diet Plan 2022

When Lee Jong Suk returned from the military, the South Korean actor admitted that he knew he had gained weight before his scheduled photoshoot with Esquire Korea. He reportedly felt nervous when he finally faced the camera since he did not know whether he would look good at all.

While hoping for the magazine shoot to turn out good, he also assured himself of a positive outcome by going on a strict diet to lose the 10 kilos he gained.

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"I went on a strict diet that went as far as fasting for a few days before the photo shoot because I gained 10kg. This diet was particularly difficult since you can’t exercise (at the gym) these days. I had no choice but to lose weight through Home training and dieting, so I felt like my body was drying up," he said, as quoted by Pink Villa.

Holistic Vista, meanwhile, detailed that the actor’s diet plan is still a complete meal. He reportedly consumes a balanced diet and adds fruits to his meals.

Lee Jong Suk eats a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast and ends the meal with a bowl full of seasonal fruits. His lunch is composed of chicken (particularly a baked chicken breast with onion-mayo sauce) and potatoes.

As for his dinner, he only takes Kimchi fried rice and complements it with ham.

Lee Jong Suk Also Sacrificed Food for One of His TV Roles

Aside from gaining weight following his military service, the actor also famously shed weight when he was selected to lead SBS TV’s Doctor Stranger.

He reportedly needed to lose extra weight until his face looked all boney even though he was already skinny.

“We tried to pick the costumes that best fit the scenes, rather than (based on) corporate sponsorship,” the actor went on.

With his upcoming new projects, Lee Jong Suk maintains his strict diet and ensures that his visuals align with his characters.


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