07 Feb 2018 5:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Lawyer Makes Video About MTG Reserved List and Whether or Not It Would Be Legal For Wizards to Change It

Photo: Wizards of the Coast

On March 4, 1996, Wizards of the Coast published the Reprint Policy featuring the Reserved List, which is a list of certain Magic: The Gathering cards that they promised they will never reprint. The policy was created in the wake of protests of Magic collectors when a lot of their collection had been devalued with the release of Fourth Edition and Chronicles. You can see the full list of cards on WOTC's website.  While Wizards have stayed true to their policy, many players who want the cards in the Reserved List to be more accessible are demanding to reprint at least some of those cards. What if Wizards decided to actually reprint them in the future? Is it legal? 

Thankfully, YouTuber Lawyer is here to give us some professional answers. In his video, he explains the different types of cases Wizards may face if they ever decide to change their mind and reprint cards from the Reserved List. Although the Reserved List is not technically a contract, he says that it may be considered a "quasi-contract" in which one of the parties benefit at the expense of another. He goes into detail about whether or not the action would fall under fraud, deceptive trade practices, and promissory estoppel. 

Watch the video here: 


Yup, it sounds like it would be a terrible idea for Wizards to reprint cards from the Reserved List, and I'm sure the lawyers of its parent company Hasbro are aware of that. For those who are hoping for that to happen in the future, forget it. It will most likely never happen because if it does, Wizards would probably have to go to court. 

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