Korean Digital Comic Website Partners With Stan Lee

Stan Lee is partnering with Youtuber and make-up artist Michelle Phan to promote Line Webtoon, the English version of the popular Korean site Naver Webtoon.

New York Times reports the that the deal will be offically announced at Comic Con: San Diego. Head of content at Line Webtoon states "In Asia, comics and manga and anime are definitely ingrained in the broader pop culture. It's almost difficult to put into words the scale and success of Webtoon over there."

The site host over six million daily users who go to catch up on their favorite series.

The site is free for amateurs who want to get their content out there. Authors can put their series in the Challenge league, where user view their work and give votes for there favorites. The winners earn cash prizes and a chance to go pro.

The site itself is free, and the company makes profits off merchandising, product placement, and early access subscriptions.

Out off all the titles Tower Of God is the most popular, with over five million readers.

I think this is an amazing idea. Now, Korean webcomic reader can have a more stable way to read Korean comics every week, instead waiting months for a new chapter. I can't wait to axcess the site and read my favorite chapters of The God of High School and The Gamer every week.

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