07 Feb 2017 1:40 PM +00:00 UTC

Kong: Skull Island Gets Epic Japanese Illustrated Poster

In a month's time fans are finally going to see the explosive reboot film of the King Kong franchise, Kong: Skull Island and Legendary is charging full steam ahead with new promotional material for the second film in the studio's MonsterVerse.

The most recent promotional material for Kong: Skull Island is an epic new Japanese poster for the film. Shared on Twitter by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts its debut in Japan, the poster is littered with the different monstrosities in the film and is definitely quite a sight to see.

Check it out down here:

The work of Yuji Kaida, a legendary artist from Japan, the poster reminds us of the iconic blockbuster poster art of the 70's where artists would highlight the best elements of the film to give fans a big beautiful montage of the characters of the film. The only difference is in Kong: Skull Island, the poster focuses more on the beasts instead of the film's actors – a move highlighting how the monsters are going to take centersage in this epic blockbuster.

Kong: Skull Island comes crashing into theaters on March 10, 2017.

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