Harley Quinn: Kite Man Spinoff Releases R-Rated Teaser Trailer

Kite Man: Hell Yeah
Credit: Max

Kite Man: Hell Yeah
Credit: Max

Following the success of the Harley Quinn animated series, DC and Max went on to commence a spinoff starring Kite Man with Matt Oberg reprising the voice role as the fan-favorite character and fans have since then been curious about what it will look like.

However, since the announcement last year, we haven't heard a lot of updates surrounding the spinoff project except with the title change from Noonan's to Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

Now that the fourth season of Harley Quinn has ended its run, we finally have our very first look at the spinoff and, fortunately, it looks like it will have the same DNA as the parent series.

The Teaser Trailer for Kite Man: Hell Yeah! Has Arrived

Max has released the teaser trailer for Kite Man: Hell Yeah! They also announced that the series is slated to premiere on the streamer this 2024.

While the minute-long preview didn't give us the full picture of what the story will be about, it did promise that it will retain the DNA of the main series as it still has the same R-rated crude humor and violence that we're expecting on a Harley Quinn spinoff.

It looks like Darkseid will be the main villain of the series which is an interesting choice since Kite Man is not the kind of character that you'll expect to face him off although it is also possible that it's just a misdirect.

We also caught a glimpse at Harley Quinn's cameo appearance which should excite fans since it shows that it is still heavily connected to the main series. It is still unknown if Poison Ivy will also make a visit.

One question that they need to address is its setting since it is still unknown yet if it is set around the same time as the fourth season of Harley Quinn or right after its events instead.

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So far, what they've shown in the teaser looks very promising and Harley Quinn fans will likely enjoy the spinoff as well. It is a good palette cleanser as we're still waiting on any news regarding the main show's renewal for a fifth season.

All four seasons of Harley Quinn are available to stream on Max.

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