05 Nov 2021 3:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Kit Harington Teases Possible MCU Reunion with Emilia Clarke

We already know that Game of Thrones stars are now joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We even get to see Jon Snow and Robb Stark somehow reunite in Eternals. So what are the chances that Jon will get an MCU reunion with Daenerys Targaryen? Kit Harington has addressed the possibility of working with Emilia Clarke in a completely new franchise.

Harington's casting in Eternals was welcomed by fans who wanted to see him together with Richard Madden all over again. Soon, it was also revealed that Emilia Clarke has been cast in an undisclosed role in Marvel's Secret Invasion. Not surprisingly, the announcement had people wondering if Harington and Clarke will be getting an on-screen reunion soon.

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So are Jon and Dany reuniting in the MCU? Harington is loving the idea but isn't quite sure what Marvel Studios is planning for the future.


"No, we haven't," he said when asked if he and Clarke have prepared to meet in the MCU. Harington did point out that he and his Game of Thrones co-star would love to work together again.

"That would slightly blow my mind, I think, because me and Emilia had a lot together," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "So if we ended up crossing paths in a different franchise, I think we'd have a good old giggle about that."

We're loving the idea of Harington and Clarke working together again considering that the two worked so well together in Game of Thrones. Not surprisingly, people already have theories on how Harington and Clarke could appear in the same MCU project. Some are hoping that Harington's Dane Whitman will show up in Clarke's series.

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For now, it is unclear how Harington and Clarke will be reunited in the MCU. Nevertheless, we are hoping that it will eventually happen in Phase 4.

Eternals is now screening in theaters.

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