King Charles Shock: Queen Camilla’s Husband Could Reportedly Ignore Prince Harry’s Treachery, Succumb to Pressure From Meghan Markle’s Husband but Prince William, Kate Middleton Might Not Cooperate, Royal Expert Says

Credit: NBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NBC News/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles reportedly has a reason to give in to his son Prince Harry's demands because the latter knows a lot. So, Prince William's father might reportedly choose the path of reconciliation instead of retaliation, according to a royal expert.

King Charles Knows Prince Harry Barely Scratched The Surface?

Prince Harry said in his interview with The Telegraph that his 400-page book Spare was actually 800 pages. However, he excluded the parts which he believed would only prompt his father, King Charles III, and brother, Prince William, not to forgive him.

Many found Prince Harry's memoir offensive to the royal family, who chose to keep mum about the publication. British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower weighed in on the matter and believed that King Charles might just let Prince Harry's treachery and deceit pass.

"The King might ignore Harry's treachery and deceit over the past week and seek 'reconciliation' by admitting his errors," Bower wrote in Daily Mail after the King reportedly hosted a private dinner with his friends at Clarence House.

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The guests were reportedly taken aback by the monarch's reluctance to confront Prince William's younger brother for his disloyalty. He reportedly told his guests he preferred to "shy away from the bitter battle."

Bower believed that Prince Harry knows too much about the family, and there is a reason for King Charles to fear his youngest son, who laid out all the pain and trauma he experienced in the institution being Prince William's spare in his book.

"No one knows better than Charles that Harry has barely scratched the surface when it comes to his tumultuous marriage to Diana, his difficult relationship with his own parents and his adulterous relationship with Camilla. The embattled King knows he has good reason to fear his son."

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King Charles Could Reportedly Jeopardize Status And Popularity If He Succumbs To Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Demands

While King Charles is reportedly planning to reconcile with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, others found Prince Harry's move deplorable. Also, they do not like the idea of him giving in to his son's demands.

"The very idea that he might succumb to pressure from his younger son shows that Buckingham Palace's officials fear they are losing control of the narrative," Bower added.

"Charles should be aware that he could jeopardise his status and popularity with the British people if he caves in to the demands of the Sussexes."
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"Not only would the majority of his subjects, outraged by Harry's perfidy, deplore any concessions to the Montecito hucksters, but William and Kate would surely not co-operate in any humiliating apology."

The Revenge author noted that the Prince and Princess of Wales "have borne the brunt of the Sussexes' attacks." Prince Harry and Markle have reportedly unconsciously exposed their jealousy to the heirs — Prince William and Middleton — so the latter have enough reason to suspect the Sussexes' genuineness.

"Even before her glittering marriage, Meghan appears to have been outraged by the fact that Kate outranked her, both in the hierarchy and when it came to privileges," Bower wrote.

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The Rebel King author claimed that Prince William could sense his father's temptation to surrender. However, he couldn't find the Cambridges seeing any advantage to bowing to Prince Harry's demands because they reportedly believed that concessions would only lead to "further accusations."

"The King and his advisers, William knows, are treading a dangerous path. Talk of reconciliation is a mirage. Harry and Meghan will settle for nothing less than total capitulation and victory," Bower added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles.

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