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King Charles Shock: Prince Andrew Reportedly Wants HRH Title Back Amid Prince Harry Drama, Will Test the Waters and See if Prince William’s Father Will Agree

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Prince Andrew has been told not to use his HRH title after the late Queen Elizabeth stripped him of his military appointment and royal patronages following his sexual assault scandal. However, the Duke of York is reportedly making a way to regain the title, but it depends on King Charles, a report claims.

Prince Andrew Plans To Reclaim HRH Title, Will Test If King Charles Approves?

The Duke of York and His Majesty have reached an understanding allowing the former to pursue some business interests. However, Prince Andrew wants his HRH title back, Daily Mail reported.

The late Queen had already ordered her favorite son not to use it. He also acknowledged that he would not return to his royal duties or be restored to any patronages.

However, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice's dad has remained a Royal Knight of the Garter and a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, the outlet noted.

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"He is said to be perplexed as to why he cannot again use the HRH title especially as he maintains that he has done nothing wrong," the report added. "His trump card with mother was invariably: 'Innocent until proven guilty.'"

"A source says Charles is resisting stirring up trouble by formally announcing any change in Andrew's status. 'It is more likely,' whispers my mole, 'that he will just start using it again in a low-key way to test the waters – should he get the King's consent.'"M

The report about Prince Andrew wanting his title back came on the heels of the drama brought about by Prince Harry's book Spare. Meghan Markle's husband dissed several family secrets in the book that aren't flattering to the senior members of the royal family, especially on Kate Middleton, Prince William and King Charles.

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Prince Andrew Is Prince Harry's Human Shield For Not Losing Royal Title?

A report from the Daily Beast claimed that the Duke of York has served as Prince Harry's shield in his royal title. Stripping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their royal titles would subject Prince Andrew to the same question.

An anonymous source previously told Daily Mail that King Charles "doesn't want it." Between the Sussexes and the Duke of York, the former is reportedly causing more trouble.

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"As it stands, Andrew has caused comparatively few problems recently by keeping calm and not rocking the boat. Which is more than can be said for the royals lobbing grenades at the throne from Montecito," the report said

It remains unknown what King Charles' plan for Prince Harry and Prince Andrew's titles. However, several sources said His Majesty is unlikely to remove them.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

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